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frequently asked questions

How long is delivery?
We aim to deliver within 2 weeks but it is usually within 7 working days.

Where can you deliver to?
We deliver to all of the United Kingdom.  Delivery costs are significant due to the size and weight of the frames, which is why we ask for a contribution towards the delivery cost.


We can deliver to other countries but the cost can become excessive in some countries in Europe.  Please contact us if you would like delivery to another country we can advise further.

Can the frame be installed on any surface?
Yes, our customers have installed on various surfaces including: grass, Astro-turf, slabs, and play-bark.  Our frames are entirely free standing so no need for concrete foundations.

Are the frames easy to assemble?
Yes, our frames are very straightforward to assemble.  We supply assembly instructions and all the tools required, including tape measure; Sharpie pen; spirit level; and tools.

The frames are typically assembled in panels, then put together upside-down.  This method makes it easier to join the monkey ladder to the end panels.

How many people are required to assemble the frames?

They can be installed by one person but we recommend two people as it helps when manoeuvring the frame.  For our larger frames, we would definitely recommend two people for as they are heavier and more difficult to lift.

Can the frames be installed on sloping ground?

Yes, our frames can accommodate a slope in the ground up to around 300mm (1 ft).  We can supply instruction on the best method for installing on sloping ground.

How long does it take to assemble?
This obviously depends on the frame but it typically takes around 2 hours for the smaller frames, and up to 6 hours for the larger frames.  We recommend spending enough time at the end to ensure everything is level and square, before fully tightening all the fixings.

What is the weight limit?

Our frames are designed to commercial design standards, and can support the weight of many children and adults simultaneously.  You will notice immediately that our frames are extremely strong, durable and table. 

Are the frames really freestanding? Should they be fixed to the ground?
Our frames are designed specifically to be freestanding. The corner tumble bars also act as excellent stability bracing. We supply galvanised steel anchor pegs for anchoring the bases to the ground/grass.  However, these are more of an additional backup to minimise any movement/sliding.  We have customers who have installed on Astro-turf with no positive fixing to the ground.

Our frames are very heavy and durable.  For example, the RHINO weighs approximately 200kg.  It takes a significant force to move them.  You will experience some movement in the frames, which is normal and to be expected.  We provide instruction on the best method to ensure there is minimal movement, and the frames are extremely stable.

Can I make design changes to the frame?
Yes, we are more than happy to make some adjustments to suit your particular requirements, or space constraints.

We also supply entirely bespoke frames if required.  Get in touch with your requirements and we can supply a digital model of your idea so you can decide if it's what you want.

Are the frames 'future-proof' and can I add to them in the future?
We have designed our frames to be modular, meaning they can be expanded easily.  For example, our basic MONKEY frame forms the basis of all our other frames.  If you want to expand or upgrade, let us know which frame you would like to convert to.

What guarantee do you provide?

We are confident our frames will last generations and will happily offer to replace any damaged items.  The frames are made with galvanised steel poles, to BS EN 10255.  The coloured poles also have an additional powder-coated outer layer.  Our accessories are commercial grade with galvanised components.

The galvanised steel offers outstanding durability and corrosion resistance.

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